2020 Mardi Gras


2020 Sydney MARDI Gras will this year feature a combined Coastal Twist Festival community float featuring local residents from across the coast from 4 to 75 years of age with couples, families, all abilities, aboriginal peoples working, walking and dancing alongside local community and business leaders, retirees and professionals all representing the upcoming 2020 Coastal Twist Festival theme of “BE THE CHANGE” also aligning with this year’s Mardi Gras theme of “What Matters”.

Board chairperson Juan Iocco states “Be the change is our Coastie theme for this year’s upcoming Coastal Twist Festival, it is a call out for all coasties to be the change they want to see, the Coast is coming into a new beginning, new thinking, ideas activated by more inclusion and visibility than ever before and the Naughty Noodle Fun Haus is proud to be a part of that visible change into a region which is showing what we are made of and what we have the capacity to deliver on a global scale. There would not be many residents who cannot see, smell and touch the change in the air, we have embraced world class conscious arts and entertainment that’s simultaneously walking the tightrope of culture & place making with successful cutting edge Arts delivery – the coast is right now etching ourselves on the greater playing field with unique offerings which can and often do, reshape and expand worldviews”.

The Sydney Mardi Gras float is filled to regulated capacity and locals from Gwandalan, to the Entrance to Woy Woy Woy and Patonga already started building the float and costumes. Creative Director Glitta Supernova advised “it really does take a village to make a village with local community teens, mums and mums, mums and dads, hairdressers and students to CEOs and barristers all pitching in. The support from organisations and businesses has been incredibly gracious with donations from the Peninsula’s Meals on Wheels with space to build, ADSSI on the northern end with printers & furniture, Mitre 10 Kincumber and Bunnings West Gosford & Umina all amongst the to many to mention organisations pitching in with no financial gain just a shared vision of a more welcoming and inclusive Central Coast. As a community we are literally creating the change we want to see, working around thin outdated regional inequality structures which have no place in socially equitable societies – the Coast is moving forward as a community and that’s what is making all the difference, Unlike minded people working together for a better way”

We have our glue guns and jigsaws out and we are going to use them, creating some fun out of all the hard work required as we build a float, create costumes and music/choreography to boot.
The Parade will be viewed live by millions of people across the world via SBS on Saturday February 29th and the Coastal Twist Team is simultaneously partnering up with Woy Woy Leagues club for everyone wanting to stay on the Coast & celebrate with their 2nd infamous Surreal Carnival themed “Bauhaus Dance Party” fundraiser featuring DJ Superstar headliners DJs Annabelle Gasper & Steve Sonius (Bag Dog) plus performance and a big screen to view the Mardi Gras parade from on the dance floor – more information is available at naughtynoode.com.au/whatson and everyone 18+ is welcome to come dance, cheer, watch the parade and enjoy safe and fun spaces.

Sydney Mardi Gras has invited Coastal Twist to be included in their live broadcast so dress to impress as the local Coastie dance party is beamed across the planet via SBS TV, positive visibility you couldn’t pay for!

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