Aberdeen Highland Games

The 20th annual Aberdeen Highland Games
Saturday 6th July 2019

The Games were started in 2000 to help lift the community spirit of Aberdeen following the closure of the abattoir that was basically the only major employer in the town. The local area and the whole of the Hunter Valley has very strong Scottish connections. This can be seen when looking at town, street and local area names, all originating from Scotland and so it appeared that the Highland Games was a good model to follow for a community function.

It is the Committee’s view that the Games should act as a platform that will allow local groups to come along, sell their products or whatever and so raise their own funds. The Games over the period has, in it’s own right, contributed to many of the local charities and community groups.

A feature of the Games, that are run along the lines of a traditional Scottish Highland Games, include Massed Pipe Bands, individual Pipe Band displays, the Tartan Warriors, a group involved with heavy events such as the Caber Toss Sheaf Toss and the Stones of Destiny. Tug of War teams always attract their own crowd.

Novelty Events for the children and a great array of stalls selling mainly Scottish/ Celtic products will feature. The various Clan Societies become involved and are only too eager to help people follow up family histories, etc. There is also a food court with food tastes from around the world.

Further, there are dance displays throughout the day that feature both Highland Dancing as well as Scottish Country Dancing.

Our special guest this year will be Nicki O’Driscoll. Nicki is the daughter of David Macintyre who was Chieftain in year one. She will also be the first female in that role.

The Committee has, as part of the 20 year celebration, taken on board two special items. Firstly, a new Upper Hunter tartan has been struck and secondly, a Commemorative Cairn will be constructed in Taylor Park, Aberdeen.

In the evening following the Games, a traditional Ceilidh is run where people are fed, there is dancing and entertainment and much enjoyment. Again this year there will be a Pipe Band Quintet competition held in the Aberdeen RSL Club and so the entertainment goes on!

Charles Cooke
Games President