Alcofree – the excellent tasting alternative

You would think the dreaded Covid lockdowns would drive people to drink.

Well they have, but the consumption of alcohol has only marginally increased, and more so with women than men.

But what has been the standout trend is a booming demand for non-alcoholic drinks. The consumption of non-alcoholic drinks in Australia has doubled in the last 12 months, and this trend is continuing as a reflection of a shift where Aussie’s are choosing to drink better, rather than drink less. And they are doing this by choosing from a growing range of quality low-or-no alcohol wines, beers and spirits.

Trev Schofield from Alcofree, here on the Central Coast, says that the range of craft beers being made in Australia has increased from 3 to about 30 in the last 18 months.

That’s huge, and this does not include the growing range of non-alcoholic beers being made by large multi-national brewers such as Carlton and Heineken. This trend is also being seen with alcohol free spirit substitutes and pre-mixed mocktails, which to many is a completely new range of drinks.

Trev says the same is happening with wines, with well known brands such as McGuigans and Giesen adding their ranges to the burgeoning non-alcoholic wine market.

Curious? Alcofree has a large and growing range of low-or-no alcohol wines, beers and spirits, and you can call in to check out their range. We have and we love them!

Visit the website for more information.

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