Bringing the Outdoors In

Spring is fully upon us and this usually means the spring cleans begin and we start loving the outdoors again. This seasonal transition also kickstarts us into rethinking our homes and what changes, if any can we make in our homes. Living in such a wonderful part of the world as The Central Coast allows us to embrace the outdoors more in our day to day living spaces.

A simple change in the home such as updating the colour of your cushions, buying a new lounge or simply adding a gorgeous fresh floral arrangement with a punch of green foliage is enough to pop colour into your world.  Colours making the headlines at the moment are the shades of blush pink and peach. Years ago we used to cringe at the homes
with peach/salmon painted walls, but add this colour into you soft furnishings or even a bathroom feature tile and immediately you have a warm calming space to enjoy.

The kitchen doesn’t have to miss out on the freshen up either. A gorgeous vase of organic blooms taking pride of place on your kitchen island or bench will make a statement in itself. Another popular way of introducing green foliage into the home if you lack bench space is to use small hanging pot in a macramé hanger or from a hanging shelf. A little greenery will soften the hard surfaces in your home and flow the outdoors into the living areas of the home.

Don’t underestimate the impact nature has on our indoor spaces. Bathrooms are a great space to have plants or a small pot sitting on a cute stool by the bath. Add a simple pot in soft grey or blush pink and you have immediately enhanced the space.

If you don’t have a green thumb, there are some fabulous options on the market for faux plants of all kinds including vertical gardens for indoor and out.

Jenny Darbin 
Jendar Interior Design
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