Broken Bay Pearls

Broken Bay Pearls Cruise

The Central Coast is often referred to as the jewel of NSW but did you know that its home to NSW’s only pearling company? Broken Bay Pearls has been growing pearls for over 15 years yet it remains one of Australia’s best kept secrets.

The story began when a native pearl oyster species, Pinctada fucata, was discovered by scientist growing naturally in the area. When most people think of Australian pearls they think of the famous “Broome Pearl” but that is produced in a different species which grows in the warmer tropical waters to the north, Pinctada maxima, it just so happens that the species found here is the same as the one found in Japan which Mikimoto used when he first figured out the secret to “seeding pearls”, commonly known as Akoya pearls, which started the entire cultured pearling industry about a hundred years ago.

In typical Australian fashion the pearl farm grew from humble beginnings, originally four local Rock Oyster farmers looking to diversify, came together to try and break into the global “pearling game”. It’s been an incredible journey with every experiment needing years to give a result and plenty of failures along the way but today our locally grown pearls are regarded as some of the finest quality in the world. This was recently confirmed by specialists from Macquarie University but the results speak for themselves and what’s really amazing is that now you can now visit the farm and see it for yourself.

Broken Bay Pearls is now open to the public and the team has developed a range of cool experiences to suit just about anyone. If you like visiting the Hunter Valley, seeing the vines and learning about wine at the cellar doors, its kind of like that but more boats cruising the oyster and pearl farms, learning how to grade and value pearls and the option to taste the delicacy that is pearl meat.

We call it the Pearls of Australia ‘Shellar Door’ experience and look forward to sharing the Coast’s newest attraction with you.

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