Coastal Twist October 2020

Performar and crowd. Photo Lisa Haymes

Back to Live: Celebrating in the Era of Physical Distancing

“Coastal Twist October 2020 is going ahead and we are working to ensure a safe, fun and successful diverse program of all ages, abilities events to suit most anything a Covid Safe post-lockdown world throws out at us (aka we will be making sure presenting our LGBTIQ Arts & Culture Festival will not compromise your safety or that of any one else). We will be in good company with Melbourne Fringe and Bondi Arts Festivals also coming out of the Covid gate” stated organisation Chair Juan Iocco.

Coastal Twist Drag storytime. Photo Lisa Haymes

October 2019 saw the very first Coastal Twist Diversity Arts & Culture Festival quadrupole all expectations with a completely sold out festival of 6 events across 3 days, well over 7,000 people visiting, playing, spending and smiling in what could only be described as a vibrant world class feel good festival bringing people from all walks of life from across the country together.

Glitta Supernova said that “While we are still trying to grasp what is going on, with most of us slowly tip toeing out of lockdown, we are simultaneously trying to understand what this may mean for the future of arts, festivals and society as a whole.  Discussions have inspired us to find the courage and creativity to take this crisis as an opportunity to dare and re-imagine a post COVID-19 world.  What are the key lessons from this crisis, for humanity as a whole, what do we want to see changed, how can the arts and festivals play a leading role in this transformation?”

“Reconnecting arts and life: exploring more of what the Peninsula has to offer with locals and seeing daily usable space differently. 4 square metre & 1. 5 distances… these are still spaces as families, partners, singles as humans that we all must all learn to navigate.

We could have cancelled this year but chose to reimagine, so we are doing things a little differently and being completely flexible with all in-person audience numbers which may still be restricted due to physical distancing and want to be very clear we are ensuring government physical-distancing requirements are adhered to with all indoor & outdoor capacities.

We cannot wait to bring community together, the artists, thinkers, doers, punters, lovers, families, kids, pooches, surfers, film buffs, musos, dags, dorks, superstars and the snootsie back into the live of all things vibrant, wonderful, challenging & surprising across the diverse and divine spectrum of humanity”.

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