Every pearl has a story

Ever wondered about the life of a pearl? Before it makes its way into a piece of jewellery, there is a long and wonderful journey from a tiny little baby pearl oyster to the precious gem that it is.

Pearl farmers are at the hands of mother nature, and the environment is at the core of everything they do. The flood event earlier this year hit the Lower Hawkesbury hard, which resulted in a huge loss of pearl oysters. However, the team at Broken Bay have high spirits, which were lifted higher when they discovered some of the newest baby oysters had survived! Sorting through lines and lines of dead shell in the cleanup after the flood was disheartening, so you can imagine the excitement when they came across thousands of little miracle baby pearl oysters. These little survivors have been going strong, and hopefully by next year we will start growing many more beautiful world class Akoya pearls.

Embracing the positives is something every successful farmer needs to thrive. In June, James Brown who is the managing director and third generation pearl farmer of both Broken Bay Pearl Farm and Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm, was named the Kondinin Group and ABC Rural 2020-21 Australian Farmer of the Year! It’s no wonder both farms have been growing some of the finest and most lustrous pearls in the world for decades.

We invite you to share in the adventure of Australia’s pearling pioneers through our experiences at the Shellar Door. Hear the story of how Broken Bay Pearl Farm was founded almost two decades ago, and how we connect to Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm in Western Australia. It is one of the most intriguing and untold stories in Australian history.

Our most popular tour is the Discovery Experience. You’ll discover the intricacies of pearl farming, following a timeline of farming right through to the finished piece of jewellery. We’ll also take you through the history of Australian pearling and the invisible and visible virtues that set our pearls apart.

The team at Broken Bay Pearl Farm are very excited to welcome back visitors to the Shellar Door!

With the weather warming up, it’s the perfect opportunity to book a tour with family and friends, browse our locally grown pearls for the perfect Christmas gift, and enjoy some delicious local oysters by the water.

All tours can be booked online, and we offer gift vouchers for the perfect gift!
Open Tuesday through to Sunday and seven days during school holidays it’s the perfect destination for a day out, or weekend away to experience all that the Lower Hawkesbury area has to offer.
Located just one minute off the M1, stop in on your way to or from Newcastle or the Hunter Valley.

12 Kowan Road, Mooney Mooney
0488 361 042 | www.brokenbaypearlfarm.com.au

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