Interiors with Jendar

Making a House a Home

When purchasing a home, there is a lot of emotion throughout the whole process, and it is easy to get swept up in the ‘lets renovate straight away’ scenario.

When you move in, its exciting and quite often the start of a new phase in your life or new beginnings. Whether it is your first home as a new couple, first family home or you have many homes under your belt, taking time to plan will save you both time and money in the long run.

The importance of transforming a house into a home is an exciting yet daunting thought when you don’t know where to start. I always recommend my clients to live in the space first to see how they, as a family, use the new house. Living areas, dining room, bedrooms, bathroom(s), and most importantly the kitchen. This will allow you to be clearer in your thought process of what part of the home is a priority to change to make it yours.

Budget will always come into the decision making, however Rome wasn’t built in a day, and creating a home will be your Rome.

Think beyond the rooms themselves. Do I need more natural light? Do I need office space? How can I make the home more eco-friendly? Do I really need 9 cushions on my bed?….and that would definitely be a YES from me. (And a no from the husband). All avenues of the home should be considered as a whole, to create a flow throughout the home and make it one.

Your home needs to enhance your lifestyle, so take the time to create the magic (style) and your house will transform into the home of your dreams (your sanctuary).

Whether you want to explore your own creativity and DIY or engage a professional, the outcome should always make you feel comfortable, relaxed and in your own oasis. Happy renovating and congratulations on the new home.

Jenny Darbin