Making art out of isolation

Clockwise: Glitta Supernova, Sarah Houbolt, Benjamin Fraser, Neville Boney

Creating new works during covid times

Artists across the planet are hurting financially. Times are tough all over and the Central Coast has endured its share of bushfires, flooding and now like everybody else the impact of COVID-19.

Coastal resilience shines through! As a key contributor to the vibrancy and diversity of life on the Central Coast, 20 month old Naughty Noodle Fun Haus Arts & Culture organisation puts its best foot forward with its first Creative Development Program “Slipstream”.

Proudly supported by Central Coast Council, Slipstream’s theme is “Cellular Memory, lineage and other not so random coincidences” and has become more important and relevant than ever as a structured platform for Artist creative development which is offering not only much needed financial but also creative and technical support and resource to both established and emerging artists.

Successful artists for Slipstream were selected Pre Covid-19 lockdown February 2020 with the development opportunity unwittingly calling upon “original artists and thought-leaders who are harnessing the chaos that comes from freedom of self-expression.”

For the Noodle, going back to the drawing board and creating a new and sustainable way for a creative team – production, writer, artists to create new work within existing timeline and budget meant taking Slipstream out of regular theatre space for March, April and May and bringing that connection into the digital realm, 4 artists, 1 experimental new work, 4 locations, 1 direction. “At this point we don’t know what the Slipstream ultimate delivery package format will look like but we do know we will be presenting bold, new, professional experimental work created from the confines of COVID-19.”

There has never been a better time to support The Naughty Noodle Arts & Culture charity through direction donation

Main image – photographer © Lisa Haymes of Glitta Supernova

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