Moody Blues @ The Waterline

Moody Blues Exhibition: Cate & Lyn Cotterell stunning nature and calm

Husband & wife team Lyn and Cate Cotterell certainly have the constant mood swings, aka light and landscape changes captured in their exhibition, on show at the Re:Publik Café till the 31st March. From nature to abstract, the paintings have caught a whole range of beauty.

Lyn & Cate have set up their studio in Hardys Bay, the ‘Treehouse Studio’ and produced nearly thirty works for the exhibition.

For Cate, capturing the light is everything. Cate: ‘Living in such a stunning natural location as the Bouddi Peninsula on the Central Coast is my guiding inspiration when mixing colours.” The elusive quality of light, so Cate, can transform a landscape in a matter of seconds. “I define” said the artist, “my oil on canvas landscapes as abstract in style.”

For husband Lyn, the sea has a major influence of his life, and his painting show the vitality and beauty of the natural environment. Lyn, who is working with a diversity of mediums, including mixed media and oils, says the force of nature does both: It inspires and calms him in his artwork. Lyn: “Having served in the Navy, seeing action in Vietnam, Borneo and Malaya – these experiences serve to influence and inspire my artwork.”

“Our art schedule is drawn up till 2022”, said café owner Catherine McDonald, “The artwork on show is just what the title says, full of moody blues, something all viewers can identify themselves with. The exhibition is on show
now till the end of March”.

From April, local artists Camelle Denning and Sita Cooray will be exhibiting an the Re:Publik Café, followed by Cheryl McCoy, who had great success with her previous show.
The café is open seven days from 9.00am, paintings can also be viewed after hours by appointment.

The Waterline Art Gallery at the Re:Publik Café
4311 6842 | 271 Ocean View Rd, Ettalong Beach

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