My Whirlwind Romance with Europe

My Whirlwind Romance with Europe by Avia is a contemporary novella, rated G, about a culinary adventure through the old world, visiting: cities, castles and countryside.

The story begins as the protagonist departs Sydney airport, and in reflective conversation with her mother, alludes back to the early years, family time and her fathers migrant memories.  Throughout the novella readers discover an ever-changing, present day, European cultural climate.

Readers will enjoy this adventure novella and will see some of Europe’s famous landmarks and interesting places like: the Arc de Triumph, Palace of Versailles and the Eiffel Tower of France, Switzerland’s beautiful countryside, and Frankfurt am main.

Notre Dam is mentioned in the story and you will see a picture of this meditative place of reflection before there was the terrible fire in April 2019, at Notre Dame destroying the building.

Enjoy some of the delicious foods Europe has to offer like baguettes, a Croque monsieur, Schnitzel or try some delicious tortes like a mouthwatering cheesecake or the world renowned Black Forest cherry cake.

This book is available in Ebook and softcover format and can be purchased online at Or buy for kindle at Amazon.

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