Non Alcoholic Drinks

Alcofree specialises in retailing a wide range of non-alcoholic drinks – that is: beers, wines, ciders, cocktails and more.

Alcofree brings you excellent tasting, alternative beverages that are appropriate for any occasion, but without the alcohol and without the high price tag!
Mineral water, fizzy drinks, fruit juices, teas or coffees are often the only alternatives available—even to pair with celebratory gourmet meals – but THEY JUST DON’T CUT IT!!!
Alcofree drinks are sourced from far and wide! We know that taste matters! So we serve you only quality drinks with good taste. We are on the hunt to bring you the best non-alcoholic drinks from Europe, the Mediterranean, North and South America and our home region of Australia and New Zealand, of course!

Not everyone chooses alcoholic drinks. Some chose not to drink on some occasions only – pregnant women, designated drivers, athletes and people on some medications for example. Others choose not to drink perhaps as a lifestyle or religious choice. Alcofree was established to give these people a selection of great drinks that look and taste the same or very similar as the alcoholic version, yet without the downside of alcohol.

Great for celebrations of all types and for corporate functions where the ‘duty of care’ factor is high, their range of alcohol free and non-alcoholic beers and wines go down very tastefully and responsibly.

In fact most cannot tell the difference between their beers and the normal brew.

Check them out at or visit their bar at Unit1/15-17 Ace Crescent Tuggerah. Ph: 4351 7176

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