Opera Afloat!

Join us for an afternoon of popular opera unlike any other on Saturday, 9 October 2021

From 4pm at Saddles at Mount White, 20 Ashbrookes Road, Mount White NSW 2250

Coast Opera Australia partners with Saddles at Mt White to bring you Opera Afloat!

Sit back around the dam with a picnic box and a glass of something cold while you listen to some of Australia’s finest operatic artists, as well as our own home-grown emerging artists, sing our most loved classic arias as they float by…

For those who want the full experience, a 3 course meal with paired wines inside will be on offer also.

Meet and greet our artists as the sun sets with a send off, private finale.

Intrigued? If you’ve never been to an opera performance, this could be your stunning entrée into a classic art form which brings joy to millions of people the world over…and one that is gaining a strong following on the Central Coast.

Tickets are limited so don’t miss out. They will be on sale through the Coast Opera Australia website soon. Sign up to get updates:

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