Relax at the Float Tank Central Coast!

Float Tank Therapy can help you to relax, refresh and recharge. Floating promotes a calm meditative state for you to reconnect your mind and body.
The Float Sanctuary has state of the art, soundproof pods, filled with mineral-rich water, with naturally mined magnesium and pharmaceutical grade Epsom salts. No gravity, reduced touch sensation and no sight or sound offers a unique experience.

Stress, Depression & Anxiety
Our float pods allow your body and mind to ‘switch off’. Research has shown that floatation therapy turns down the ‘flight/flight’ response, reducing anxiety in the brain.

Pain Relief
Removing the force generated by gravity reduces inflammation and relieves the body of pressure and stress. From lower back pain to Fibromyalgia, sufferers of many physical ailments have purported to have benefited from floating.

Just 1 hour of floating can feel like the equivalent of 4-8 hours sleep, reducing insomnia, jet lag and also helps regulate sleep patterns.

Floating can help with the aches and pains of pregnancy and can be very beneficial for both you and your unborn. *Please consult with your GP, just to make sure floating is 100% suitable for you.

Creativity & Productivity
Give the creative part of your brain a chance to flourish! Artists, elite sportspeople & even the NAVY Seals have been using float tanks to enhance the cognitive process.

Injury Recovery
Floating in this magnesium rich, stimuli-free environment has been shown to decrease lactic acid levels, reduce muscle pain & tension, accelerate the recovery process and facilitate complete body rest.

7 days a week, 9am – 8pm.
*Bookings can be made outside these hours upon request.
2/381 The Entrance Rd, Long Jetty 2261 | Ph: 0421 820 982

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