Secrets of Dubbo Gully and Exploring the Mailman Track

St Thomas Cemetery

Heritage Ventures is delighted to invite you to our May and June walking tours visiting lesser known places around the Central Coast.

The Secrets of Dubbo Gully
14th May

  • Visit Fairview the last remaining homestead in the area and hear about the haunted ‘Inn of the Damned’
  • Trace the original road from Sydney to Gosford
  • Explore St Thomas Cemetery and the site of the upper Mangrove Church

Explore the historical remains of Dubbo Gully when Mangrove Creek was a thriving river community with wharves, inns, and slab homes. Join us on this walking tour to gain insight into the past at St Thomas Cemetery and visit Fairview to hear about the experience of growing up in the area and the campaign to save this last remaining homestead. We will visit the original road from Sydney to Gosford and hear about the haunted ‘Inn of the Damned’.

Exploring the Mailman Track
12th June

  • Traverse the early bridle Mailman Track
  • Hear stories about Glentworth valley, horse export markets and visit the oldest house on the Central Coast
  • Learn more about Hospital Gully set aside for Aboriginal people in 1837

Join outdoor specialist Belinda Cook on this exploration of the mailman route used since the 1820s as the connection between Mangrove Creek communities and the Central Coast. Starting with a coffee at the hub at Mangrove Mountain we trace the original bridle path from Popran, along the heath ridgetop and descend into Glenworth Valley. We hear stories of the characters of the area – Granny Wallbank who walked the 48kms across three ranges and two gullies carrying a baby; the Kellys who bred horses from the British army in India and experimented with goat farming. We visit the original stone homestead, one of oldest houses on the Central Coast built in 1832 and learn more about Hospital Gully and the fate of Owen Maloney.
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