Sharkbanz – Shark Deterrent

Don’t Stay Out of the Water Because of 
Sharks This Summer

Sizzling summer weather and waves will soon arrive in the southern hemisphere, and with the season some under-the-sea predator activity, that with Sharkbanz can be deterred. All of the 11 known shark species that cause unprovoked, fatal bites are found in the waters of Australia, ranking the region as one of the most shark-infested places in the world. The country’s coastal waters are home to the “big three” deadly species — white, tiger, and bull sharks – and its east coast alone hosts over 5,500 great white sharks according to ‘The Guardian’.
As summer approaches, shark migrations bring greater numbers closer to the coast. That increases the potential for shark attacks as more beachgoers, swimmers, and surfers hit the waves. The stylish, effective and affordable Sharkbanz is designed to deter predatory shark species. Using patented magnetic technology that has been researched and tested by marine biologists on predatory shark species for over a decade, Sharkbanz takes advantage of a shark’s unique and powerful electrical sense (electroreception) to cause a highly unpleasant sensation that turns them away.

New, shocking research by Sharkbanz put to its technology to the test as a frenzy of bull sharks tried to attack a surfing dummy. Sharkbanz stood up to the test against these underwater predators, with shocking results when the technology was not being used. The results are incredible to watch in the video at

No need to take such risks this summer. For AUD$119, Sharkbanz is an insurance policy that might just save a life!

About Sharkbanz
After three years of testing, design, development, and close encounters with the planet’s underwater, toothy friends, the Sharkbanz team released the first version of Sharkbanz (V1) in early 2015. Throughout the process, the team are committed to four principles that make Sharkbanz Technology right for just about anyone: effective, simple, affordable, and stylish. These principles still guide the company values and product development today, which is why they believe whether you live by the ocean or only visit a few times a year, Sharkbanz is the solution for peace of mind in the seven seas.