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Three simple hacks to help you prioritise your mental wellbeing in 2021

It’s fair to say the world collectively breathed a sigh of relief as 2020 drew to a close but with all the “new year, new me” pressure, this time of year can bring about a sense of anxiety – the need to reinvent yourself or have an extensive list of resolutions is intense.
As a life and wellness coach, I specialise in helping people slow down to find balance.  In 2021 my wish is to see the prioritisation of mental wellbeing be as commonplace as getting your hair done or hiring a PT.  Here are my tips to do that:

1. Get mindful
‘Mindfulness strengthens the good parts of your brain and calms the parts that stress you out’
Join me daily at Wamberal beach for Sunrise Mindfulness where you’ll learn easy to implement mindfulness techniques.**Private virtual or in-person sessions can also be booked at a time of your choosing – for those ‘I’m not a morning person’ folks.

2. Ditch the phone
It’s proven that device usage is addictive, whether it’s email, the news or social media – the over-stimulation and hyper-connectivity leads to rising stress levels, leaving lasting impacts on our mental health.  So as you reach for your device ask yourself: ‘will this scroll be helpful or harmful to me?’

3. Play each day
Something as simple as a dip in the ocean or singing in the shower – we too rarely make time to ‘play’ as adults, but benefits of inviting the feel-good chemicals in when we play are endless.

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