Terrigal Ocean Tours

Terrigal Ocean Tours – the best gift!

When the whales are migrating Terrigal Ocean Tours runs a one hour tour to get out and enjoy the majestic sight of the passing whale fleet.

It is an amazing experience to see the migrating whales up close as they pass on their annual journey between the Antarctic and the warm waters of the Coral Sea.

The whales pass close to the Terrigal Haven and it is usually a short trip to link up with their migration path. You will see whales breaching, tail slapping and fin slapping. A highlight is seeing a mother teaching a new calf these important life skills.

Terrigal Ocean Tours have a Marine Biologist on board to answer any questions and to help identify the species. On most trips we will be gathering data for whale research programs.

This is a fabulous trip to see these magnificent creatures in their natural environment.
Visit www.terrigaltours.com.au for details on a Whale watching tour.

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