The Iconic JFR

June Richards – Known by her alter ego, The Iconic JFR- is a drag performer from the Central Coast of of NSW, Australia. Her personality is as big as her ego, and trust us, THAT’S BIG!
June is known for her singing talents as well as her vocal gymnastics that can transform her own voice into another- Ever wanted to hear a drag queen sing ‘What a Wonderful World’ in the original key? June can do it!
She is known more professionally in the drag world as the hostess extraordinaire with bingo’s, trivia’s, corporate functions, and hen’s nights to boot!
Whatever you need, June is the girl to do it.
With 5 years’ experience in drag and a background in performance, June is an all-round entertainer.
She’s just a little ol’ Aussie housewife with a heart of gold.
Instagram & Twitter: @theiconicjfr

Marney McQueen

One of Australia’s most versatile performers, starring on stage, film and television.

Still it is in her internationally acclaimed live comedy shows where she is truly explosive. Marney appears regularly as an emcee and singer at a wide variety of events, and so does her swag of hilarious characters. With her quick wit, impeccable comedic timing and incredibly versatile voice, she is an electrifying entertainer.