Biocosmedical Skincare

MEDIKA: Created by 2 Beauty Industry Professionals

With over 58 years combined experience along with some of Australia’s leading Bio Chemists and Manufacturers, we tasked ourselves with putting together the best of the best!
A small core range of 10 of the most multifunctional, customisable, supercharged homecare products we can offer our clients.
An easy to use range that will suit every skin type, every skin condition and every skin tone.

What are Cosmedicals?
Cosmedicals are often based on medically and clinically documented blends of AHAs, Retinoids, Vitamin C, Peptides, Antioxidants and SPF technology.
Chiral and encapsulation technology further enhances these actives, enabling the deepest delivery result possible.
Cosmedicals is the bringing together of medical grade actives and cosmetic science and are considered the “heavy weapons” when you don’t want to take any chances.
They are the skin saviours and are best recruited when you are treating concerning skin conditions and looking to preserve or regain skin health and skin youth.

And the name?
Medika – derived from the Australia-based Kaurna word mitika
meaning “flower, blossom”. Kaurna language is spoken near Adelaide, Australia. It is also used to mean “water lily”.
For those of you who know us, we are also the creators of Skin Reveal Australia, aprofessionally used and recommend range of skin care and we just love our indigenous names, just as we love our indigenous ingredients.


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