Our Pearls and Our Planet

Pearls of Australia pearl farms operate in harmony with nature – the very water that cradles our pearl oysters also sustains a plethora of marine life.

Our Tides collection draws its inspiration from these water’s and the world’s largest tropical tides, found on the doorstep of the Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm.

Our Seagrass jewellery range beautifully showcases the pivotal role of seagrass in preserving pristine marine environments. Seagrass meadows, part of ‘blue forests,’ are remarkable carbon sinks and coexist harmoniously with our pearl oysters, helping combat climate change.

We showcase the seagrass motif on our Akoya pearl jewellery from Broken Bay Pearl Farm to underline our commitment to the preservation and care for the oceans in which we live and work.
How our pearl oysters contribute to help the planet:

Every hectare of oyster reef (per year) would:

  • Filter 2.7 billion litres of seawater
  • Remove 225kg of nitrogen and phosphate
  • Product 375kg of new fish to catch and eat
  • Provide new homes for 100+ marine species
  • Remove 10,000kg of carbon

    Studies provided by The Nature Conservancy (TNC)

Our aim is to create transparency around the nature and cultivation of the finest and most sustainable pearls, and connect people to the amazing places in which our pearls grow through our tours and experiences available at our farms.

Pearls of Australia now stand at the forefront of an extremely small group of dedicated pearl farmers, marine biologists and scientific researchers that are beginning to bridge the gap between the pearl shell depletion of the past and the sustainable pearl cultivation of the future.

Spanning operations from the East Coast of New South Wales to the far north western tip of the Kimberley Coastline in Western Australia, our farmers work side by side as they invest in cutting edge technologies, innovation and sustainable marine practices, while also creating a new awareness towards this ever-evolving Australian story.

You’re invited to share in one of many incredible experiences offered at our farms. Visit the link here https://pearlsofaustralia.com.au/our-farms/

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