Alison Homestead Museum

Museum showcases exhibits that bring back memories of an earlier time

Alison Homestead Museum in Wyong has been very fortunate lately to be donated some special items from locals residents and businesses.

These are a few of the items we have received:

  • A Jackson Aga Cooker in great condition.
  • A hand operated clothes wringer from Wyong Hospital. Would have been hard work for the laundry staff with all the sheets and towels that needed washing.
  • An old cell door from Wyong Police Station.

These are a couple of special items we have also been lucky enough to be donated in the past, which are always favourites with our visitors:

  • The ice cream Cart donated by the Australian Ice Creamery Store at The Entrance. It was pedalled around The Entrance by a staff member from the shop, selling their ice creams to everyone. Great days!!
  • The old rowboat which was used by a South Tacoma resident to take children to school and back across the Wyong River when the original South Tacoma Primary School was closed and the new one built across the river in Tacoma. A lovely way to get to and from school on a nice day!

We invite you to come and have a look.

Our opening hours are Sunday to Thursday 10am-2pm. $5/$2 Entry Adults/Child. Devonshire teas are available too for an additional $5. For extra information visit our website:

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