Neighborhood Earth

Australian Premiere of Award-Winning Immersive Exhibition


The ultimate space experience – combining the latest science with cutting-edge technology

NEIGHBOURHOOD EARTH is an award-winning exhibition that combines the latest science with cutting edge technology to create the ultimate space experience. Developed in conjunction with the US Space & Rocket Center and NASA’s George C. Marshall Space Flight Center, NEIGHBOURHOOD EARTH tells the story of space science and exploration as never seen before.

Since its world premiere in 2018 at NASA’S Marshall Space Center, this spectacular immersive exhibition has attracted over a million visitors around the world. Utilising 14 screens, 8.1 surround sound, and a giant projection-mapped dome, the exhibition’s key set piece transports audiences to space inside an epic cinematic environment.

Taking advantage of the rising interest in space exploration, due to both news around civilian space travel and exciting new NASA missions to the Moon and to Mars, NEIGHBOURHOOD EARTH taps into audience desire to travel to a whole new world.

As a multi-sensory experience, visitors will also get a chance to explore museum quality models and examples of spacecrafts, tools, and astronaut suits, as well as many fun and engaging learning activities.

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