‘Return & Earn’ Recycling Depot in West Gosford

Envirobank opens First ‘Return & Earn’ Recycling Depot in West Gosford

Calling all Central Coast businesses and residents to ‘Return and Earn’. New ‘Drop n Go’ Service offers fast and easy Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) refunds.

Australia’s most innovative recycling company has done it again. Envirobank Recycling offers a ‘Drop n Go’ service as it opens the first ‘Return and Earn’ automated collection depot on the Central Coast.

According to Narelle Anderson, founder and managing director of Envirobank, the ‘Drop ‘n’ Go’ service offers business owners, kids, families, schools, sporting clubs – any member of the community with a desire to recycle – the ability to avoid long queues at ‘Return and Earn’ collection sites. People can drop off an unlimited number of bottles and containers then head back to school, work or home while Envirobank processes the materials and refunds.

Envirobank recyclers have the additional option of collecting refunds on Envirobank’s Crunch Rewards Portal. Recyclers can then watch their balance grow, cash out via PayPal, donate to their favourite charity, or treat themselves to other rewards via Envirobank’s online store.

“If you visit any of our depots across the country we provide lots of ways to collect your Return and Earn refund. The choice is completely up to the customer – you can cash out onsite, donate to a charity, or use your refunds to buy grocery vouchers, whitegoods, clothes or airline points” Ms Anderson said.

Prior to the launch of the NSW Container Deposit Scheme in December last year, Envirobank had been rewarding recyclers for years through its Reserve Vending Machines and in-store coupons.

“Now that NSW and other states are introducing Container Deposit Schemes across the country, we are always looking for new ways to ensure that the Cash for Containers Scheme is super easy and super accessible for everyone to benefit from. In NSW, since the CDS launch in December last year, nearly 370 million containers and $37 million in refunds, have been processed. It’s clearly a sum that can really add up!” said Ms Anderson.

Envirobank offers drive-through depots to make recycling fast and convenient. It will also accept containers that are collected from roadsides and public areas that may be a little bent out of shape, provided the barcode is still visible and it can be determined an eligible container.

“We offer a drop-off service if you’re too busy to wait. And we offer a pickup service if you’re a school, sporting group or a business. There is really no reason why every business, club or individual should not be benefiting from the refunds being issued within the Scheme.

“Seven years ago we started on a journey with a vision to change the way Australians recycle, and now it’s actually happening. To say it’s been challenging is an understatement, but we are finally seeing real traction and the public being rewarded for the good they are doing toward protecting our environment and recycling,” said Ms Anderson.

The Envirobank ‘Return and Earn’ automated collection depot is located at Unit 6, 18 Nells Road, West Gosford (off Manns Rd). Opening hours are Monday-Friday 9am – 3pm and Saturdays 8am – 4pm. It is able to process large volumes of bottles and containers, so regardless of whether you are a large business or a member of the community, Envirobank’s depot will have you sorted, recycling and earning in minutes.

About Narelle Anderson and Envirobank Recycling.

Envirobank Recycling, is 100 percent Australian-owned and our most innovative recycling company combining technology with Australians’ desire to recycle. Envirobank was founded by Narelle Anderson in 2008, after a career in waste management from 2000. Narelle is an aboriginal woman whose mission is to follow in her late uncle footsteps, Senator Neville Bonner. She is a trailblazer and recognised by her community as future leader representing aboriginal people.

Narelle is the co-chair of the business advisory group of Supply Nation, an indigenous procurement body that connects government and corporates with the indigenous business sector. A recipient of many entrepreneurial and environmental awards Narelle is a current board member of The Australian Council of Recyclers (ACOR), the peak industry body representing the recycling sector of Australia.

Envirobank specialises in large automated, high-speed collection points and Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) technology. Envirobank’s ultimate vision is to change the way Australians recycle by rewarding people for the good they do. For more information visit www.envirobank.com.au.

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